Cuyabeno Reserve, Ecuador: How to Make Yucca Bread


How to Travel From Ecuador to Peru Via the Amazon

Amazon Sunset

Impotence sucks. Nothing kills my hard-on for adventure faster than the idea of trading my writing chair for a cramped bus seat. Imagine the excitement, when I discovered that there is a way to travel through the Amazon from Ecuador to Peru on local boats.  There was only one BIG problem. Not Even the Natives […]

Ecuador – Peru Video: Crossing at the Amazonian Border

Amazon Sunset

Baños, Ecuador: Who Else Wants More Adventure for Less Money?

Vulcan Tungurahua in Baños, Ecuador Occasionally Puts On Quite A Show!

Are you an athletic adventurer that finally has some free time to indulge in the next thrill? Have lots of energy but very little money to burn? Or maybe you consider yourself to be more of an armchair adventurer and are looking to relax at the spa, detox from city life, and maybe try something […]

Mindo, Ecuador: Affordable Adventure


“Where I am from, most people think of Ecuador as a place where missionaries go, NOT a vacation destination”. My cousin took a slow sip of his Cuba Libre, leaned back in the jacuzzi, and gazed at the starlit heavens.  “Truthfully, this is not what I expected either. Mindo is great”. I was relieved to […]

Canoa, Ecuador: Surf, Shots, & Scorpions

Sunset Surf Session!

You can surf, paraglide, horseback ride sunbathe, or get in fights with locals. Ultimately, everybody ends up at the same place… El Barco! Marijuana, scorpion, coca leaves, centipede, and much more make up the formula for this special indigenous drink.

Quito, Ecuador: What Everyone Ought to Know

Sunset in Quito is not to be missed!

The situation is inevitable. You’re out with your buddy, have had a few cold ones, and are looking for an unsuspecting hotty in the mood for bad decisions. As luck would have it, there is… unfortunately, Ms.Perfect 10 is accompanied by a friend that is less than standard. Entertaining unattractive women is not what you […]

Cuyabeno Reserve, Ecuador: Insect Repellent Not Included

Yucca Bread Class With An Indigenous Family.
Photo courtesy of David Janssen

If the idea of swimming with pink river dolphins, piranha fishing, or a night hike through the Amazon Rainforest appeals to you, read on. Ecuador’s Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is home to thousands of species of flora & fauna, easily accessible, and an experience to be had. My younger sister joined me for this adventure in […]


Seal Bubbles

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Mulaló, Ecuador: WWOOFing – You May Think I Am Barking Mad

Volunteering at Hacienda Iltio allowed me to be near some pretty amazing animals which work hard to protect.

No, I am not talking about learning the language of man’s best friend. World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) is a network of organic farms that offer volunteers FREE food and lodging in exchange for service. It’s emerging as a HOT new trend in unconventional travel and it’s not hard to see why.

Cotopaxi, Ecuador: Summit to the Sun Photos


You should check out the Cotopaxi ARTICLE or VIDEO when you are done browsing here!  

Quito, Ecuador: Puenting Video


Here is a quick diagram of how it works:

Just for the Ladies: Time To Take Back Travel

.. this blog may provoke addiction and good times... PROCEED WITH CAUTION!

I sit in a café with Jeremy in Ecuador. We talk about travel risk. He shares that he frequently receives emails from women saying they admire his adventures, BUT don´t feel safe traveling. As a twenty-year old woman who is traveling through unfamiliar cities/cultures with no definite home or safe place to return to, it’s […]

Volcano Cotopaxi, Ecuador: Summit to the Sun Video


Luminescent in the light of the nearly full moon, the snowy summit of Volcano Cotopaxi towers above me. To the north, one is greeted by the twinkling lights of Quito, Ecuador’s capital city. Dry lightning flashes hot pink in the west, and in the east, Jupiter blazes brightly. The night is crystal clear and the […]

Volcano Cotopaxi, Ecuador: Summit to the Sun

Sunrise at Volcano Cotopaxi

“A Man’s Worth Emerges When Forced To Conquer Life’s Challenges…” For the past weeks I have been volunteering with a wildlife foundation that is located on the border of Cotopaxi National Park. Working under her mighty shadow, the Cotopaxi volcano rim seemed to be perpetually issuing a summit challenge. A fellow volunteer, whom we will call […]

Islas Galápagos, Ecuador: Buy Your Way Into Heaven

Sleeping Seals

Heaven and hell converge 1000 kilometers off the coast of Ecuador. Pitch black molten lava rejected by the earth’s core 5 million years ago juts defiantly out of the turquoise sea. The smell of salt assails the nostrils; a certain mystique hangs heavy in the air. From afar, one can make out the brilliantly colored […]

Islas Galápagos, Ecuador: Photos

Giant Tortoise

Papallacta, Ecuador: Hiking, Soaking, Relaxing

Termas Papallacta

Approaching what seems to be a fire consuming the hills surrounding Papallacta, one is soon aware that the combination of condensation and steam from the mineral baths has created an image not soon to be forgotten. A bath in the thermal springs is the local secret for emotional and physical cleansing.